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Meet the Spectrum Team

  • Meet Chase, Director of Corporate Culture

    Meet Chase, Director of Corporate Culture Chase is our beloved mascot and sets the culture at Spectrum Resources. When he is not in the office spreading his good looks and canine charm, he is swimming his heart out.

    Chase is one of the luckiest dogs ever- he has his own indoor swim club membership, to tide him over during our cold Wisconsin winters.

  • Larry Surges, President and Founder

    Larry Surges, President and Founder

    Larry is Spectrum's visionary. He maps out the direction of the Company in his head and in his heart. Then he hands a sketch of the Master Plan to his capable team, and we execute while he goes back out to the marketing wilderness, hanging out with the savage technology beasts till he can confidently bring new capabilities to our process and to our customers. His crystal ball is legendary. Also, Larry is Chase's Dad. Enough said!

  • Mike Eastley, Vice President Sales & Marketing

    Mike Eastley, Vice President Sales & Marketing Mike is our “can-do-get-it-done” guy. Mike is in charge of our brand, marketing direction, and growth of the Company’s sales revenues. When he’s not in the office “herding the cats” and leading by his remarkable knowledge, charm and persuasion, you can find him fishing (on ice or from a boat), cooking, and enjoying fine red wine. He claims he doesn’t serve red wine with fish, but we’re not sure about that.

  • Ralph Palma, Warehouse Manager

    Ralph Palma, Warehouse Manager

    Ralph runs our warehouse operation, which is growing by leaps and bounds. If you want to know what’s there and what’s not, Ralph is your guy. When he’s not running our tight operation, you can find Ralph in the stands of the nearest hockey game. He is a hockey fanatic. Seriously. Ralph is also a talented carpenter. He enjoys making things from hand, and has completed several woodworking masterpieces. We're watching for him on DIY TV!

  • Sue Amidon, Senior Sales Support Manager

    Sue Amidon, Senior Sales Support Manager

    Sue Amidon has been in this business for 20 years, and at Spectrum for 15 of them. (That’s 105 dog years!) As Assistant to the President, Sue is Larry’s right hand man. She is Lois Lane to Larry’s Clark Kent. We think she catches flying bullets in her teeth, we just haven’t caught her in the act. Sue is a self-admitted NetFlix addict, which gets her through our long and dreary winters. Caution: Don’t go up against Sue in a trivia match about Game of Thrones…she has seen every episode.

  • Angela Bessa, Sales Support Representative

    Angela Bessa, Sales Support Representative

    One of the first things you may notice about Angela is her small stature. But don’t take it for granted. When Angela is on a mission to help a client, stay out of her way! We mean it. Angela loves the challenge of the various things that her job can throw at her each day, and she handles them adeptly. (She worked for 12 years in retail, so nothing scares her!) Angela enjoys being walked by her dog, Miller, and reading action-packed James Patterson novels in her free time.

  • Mike Feuling, Sales Consultant

    Mike Feuling, Sales Consultant

    Mike has been in the printing industry for 19 years. He cut his teeth in it by making deliveries to customers during his college days. Mike is our Senior Living specialist. He’s been serving that industry for his entire 13-year tenure with Spectrum. He loves traveling together with his wife, who is his BFF. When he wants to get away from it all, he’s either watching a Milwaukee Brewers game, or is driving around in one of his classic 60’s Ford muscle cars. Each car is a labor of love, and Mike hopes to pass them down to his sons when they are old enough to drive. Maybe.

  • Charles Belmontes, Warehouse and Fulfillment

    Charles Belmontes, Warehouse and Fulfillment

    Charles has been in the warehousing business for 20 years plus. He likes keeping things organized and staying busy- which is good because we have one busy warehouse! But he’s also a self-taught tinkerer, of computers that is. Charles will always look for a way to make things more efficient using technology. In fact, not only do friends and family rely on his computer troubleshooting and repair skills, he has also managed Spectrum’s enterprise-wide upgrades.

  • Don Ducett, Account Representative

    Don Ducett, Account Representative

    Don Ducett, Account Representative
    Don has been giving our client his undivided attention for 7 years. He has been in the printing industry since 1991, and is delighted to be with Spectrum where he has so many products to offer. He enjoys spending his free time with family when he’s away from Spectrum. For the past several years, his 3 strapping boys have kept him busy with the various sports they play, where Don has even been a coach. While his passion is golf, he won’t be found on the links until he can catch his breath after the youngest finishes up the season.

  • Reed Jones, Account Representative

    Reed Jones, Account Representative

    Reed works out of our Madison office, where he specializes in working with manufacturing clients to address all of their marketing needs: catalogs, packaging and marketing materials. While he has been at Spectrum for 4 years, Reed is an industry veteran with 3 decades of experience under his belt! When he is not working closely and consultatively with our clients, Reed is doing something in the great outdoors: hiking biking, canoeing, camping, cross country skiing! And here is the best-kept secret of all – Reed is a dedicated artist, specializing in painting landscapes in oil.

  • Elyse Alamilla, Sales & Ad Specialty Support

    Elyse Alamilla, Sales & Ad Specialty Support Elyse Alamilla specializes in Sales and Advertising Specialty products. She enjoys working with clients in order to get their job done in a timely fashion. In this business, you have to be detail oriented and that describes Elyse. She also puts a lot of emphasis on working collaboratively with clients to make a recommendation based on their budgets and needs. Most of her free time is spent with her enormous collection of friends and family. Pssst! Elyse is a Reality TV junkie. We’re watching for her on our favorite show this season!

  • Chris Hart, Sales Support

    Chris Hart, Sales Support

    Chris Hart is completely old-school when it comes to print. She started out making PMT’s, working in a darkroom and doing paste-ups. With more than 20 years in print, she has learned that customers appreciate the fact that she always has their best interests in mind, and she advocates for them in her Sales Support role. Chris appreciates the customer-focused culture at Spectrum and the hard work ethic which permeates the organization. She loves golf and has been a member of the Women’s Weekend Golf League for over two decades. While we think she is a crack golfer, she admits she is ‘still working on her game.’ Look out, Masters!

  • Charlie Kesler, Fundraising Expert

    Charlie Kesler, Fundraising Expert

    Charlie focuses specifically on our fundraising market via Supply Concepts, LLC and Spectrum Resources. He has a passion for new business development and building high trust relationships with his fundraising distributors. In fact, he is an expert at selling through a distributor sales network. When he's not working from his Sun Prairie, WI office, you can find him on the links or on the water.

  • Justin Wilson, Account Representative

    Justin Wilson, Account Representative

    Justin comes from R.R. Donnelley and has been in the industry for 19 years. What he enjoys most about this business is meeting new people and working with small business owners, seeing how they operate, what their challenges are, and providing solutions to make their business run easier. Working from the Madison area, Justin will focus on bringing solutions to his clients and accommodating their specific business needs. When he’s not “piecing together the puzzle” for clients, he’s working with the Sun Prairie Lions Club or engaged in pole vaulting, coaching, or high point hiking.

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