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Multi-page Mailings

Multi-page Mailings

Our new sorter can collate and insert up to 8 pieces into a maximum size of 10” x 13” envelope, the smallest size being a #10 envelope; at 3500 pieces an hour! This makes a multi-piece mailing fast and affordable, even for short runs. To see it in action, click: http://youtu.be/2BzCeqRf878

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  • Needless to say, customer service is an incredibly important aspect of any business model. So, here are five ways your business can have better customer service.

  • The downside of business swag? You have to invest a bit of money to create your own. The upside? You create walking billboards everywhere customers wear or use the items.

  • If a management team drives vision for a business, and marketing brings clients into the business, then employees are those who actually move the business forward.